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Cutting metal roofing with shears - Tools I Used

Cutting metal roofing with shears : Here let mes how you what the house update looks like .Now I have what I want to do in this article is show you the tools that I used in Cutting metal roofing with shears .

Cutting those metal roofing panels what worked for me. And what may work for you or not anyway. I finished off my gable ends and the so it's underneath which is the roof completion part okay this gable end has a offsite .

And it's going to have a ridge event .I'm not rich Vince but and Vince scoff it needs to be made underneath this eve .Which will allow air to go up through those gaps right there and out the the vents here .

This is the final gable in vents okay and over on that roof right there .I will put a wind turbine which will use the soff its as Vince .Because that gable end does not have any and events or Ridge vents or excuse meg able end vents .

And so let me show you some tools that I used for cutting metal panels .And let me set this camera up. Okay the first tool that I highly recommend our glasses these will keep things out of your eyes and you'd be surprised how much this has saved my eyes .

When you hear something fly up and hit it you've been glad you had those on these everybody knows. What these are the sec utters here seem to be able to make a turn .A lot easier at least to the left then these here .

But I use these more than any these here . These were my number one cutters and you can cu tall your panels with these .If you have the patience to do so this here is a Harbor Freight sheet metal cutting tool.

Cutting metal roofing with shears

 And it makes some very nice straight lines but I had a lot of trouble going over the ridges with this .Now some people use of I want to say a cut off tool can't think .But anyway a grinder with a wheel on it and they just put small grinding wheel on it and they just cut the panel with that .

I decided I saw someone using they saw with carbide teeth .Now this is made for woodlot for metal .They do make these for metal but if you'll buy three or four small carbide blades .And of course this is a six and a half inch Ry obi .

You'll wear them out but they're very inexpensive and they do make a nice cut .But they're very noisy and they throw a lot of metal pieces .I'll demonstrate that later the tool that I used in conjunction with this was this tool here .

And it's amalgam cutter for corrugated metal .They make these cutters for different types of metal and this one is made for corrugated metal .It attaches to your drill and I really enjoyed this this tool .I could make turns I could go up and down the ridges .

It was still a little trouble but and it is kind of heavy it'll wear you out if you're old like me .But I really enjoyed this too land I'll demonstrate these in a minute .

So why don't I get set up and you know how everybody knows, how these work you've tried these before .But I'll go ahead and I'll do the Harbor Freight and I'll cut a piece of metal with the Rio be wood saw blade .

That's carbide tipped and then I'll use my drill with this Malabo corrugated metal cutting up assembly on it .So let me get set up and we'll do that okay first tool .

I'm going to use Harbor Freight 14 gauge swivel head shear this metal I believe is 19 gauge 14 gauge is thicker .So this would go through thicker metal of courses you can see it takes a piece of the metal out.

As it goes through like I said I did not like that one very well .But it does make nice straight cut sit's a wonderful tool for cutting a straight piece .I really enjoyed it for that but like I said I used it very little ,so there's the middle cut off shears this head does swivel .

When you put some pressure on it all right .The next tool I will be demon starting what I used yes the ryobi saw with the wood cutting carbide teeth blade .Let me set that up must be a piece of metal up and we'll cut with it .

Now this saw will will do the job but it is very noisy and it throws off a lot of metal pieces .So you have to be very careful now to redraw my line .I made it crooked anyway they can do a plunge cut with this saw  .

I'm on a flimsy piece of metal here but just like you would have a plunge cut with wood .And if you don't know what a plunge cut is and it's where you hold the guard of your saw up and then you push the saw down into the wood .

Let the guard go after the song go through the the wood or the metal and then you're gonna go flat again. And go so it's guard up set the benefit and saw down and then push down through the wood very carefully .

Do you think slowly okay here comes some noise safety glasses on pretty flimsy right here. I have trouble with that we'll see I have my blade set for paneling .I always make sure your blade is set deeper then it would have to be deeper than the height of this Ridge .

Right here and I'm sort of just skipping along with it .So this was not my favorite but when you're on a big panel and it's down good you uh you can you can make a cut but when you're playing with little edges like this .

You're better off to use your small snips than this that was this was just for demonstration purposes and that you can see it it ripped it right there .Which could be dangerous moving on to the next one this is by far my favorite tool. 

Let me show you how this comes apart all right this is the way this tool is attached to the drill .First of all I highly recommend taking your battery yeah screw that by the way this has a swivel head .As well this you tighten down. 

And keep that head from swiveling on you .So you can set it whichever way you like this back clamp sit down case hopefully .I'll get this right okay it's in there anyway for those of you that like to read.

Like I said oh Dealt I believe makes one of these .As well not sure on the price though Okayama there you have it and I got to tell you the most important tool that I had that I use the safety glasses and I would recommend .

Those for sure and safety shield might even be better if you're using a saw blade but they're safe than sorry all right .Then so everybody thanks for reading  this article "Cutting metal roofing with shears " .


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