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How to cut metal roofing with tin snips

How to cut metal roofing with tin snips : Hello everyone , in this article i will clear all thing about "how to cut metal roofing with tin snips " . Basic skills they were going to be talking about how to cut sheet metal .All you need is good pair of tin snips .

And it's just got to be sharp you should be able to cut this paper with them .So when you're cutting with the ridges you got it really have to worry about the flex .

In the metal because it's really hard to get the metal far enough away from your hand and you can actually get in there . So often right near a Ridge like you won't be able to pull the metal back right now .
So you want to try and get back at least on one side so that you can actually hand in there to make nice long smooth strokes cutting across the ridges is way easier .

How to cut metal roofing with tin snips

The hard part is when you execute coverage you just hop in one side up and one side down .

You get to a ridge you didn't want to cover it .I'm gonna open your blades up really wide and bend it down a little bit .And then you just go on like before I'm gonna make sure you makes nice long strokes .

So don't twist your blade around or do it choppy just nice long smooth all of our rows.

How to cut Steel straight or corrugated Iron straight. Roofing steel cutting procedure

Halfway through cutting length of steel here sort of put a really really super kind of strange death wheel there or just to cut off blade on grinder .Because it's so small there's no way you're gonna get that to cut straight .

I do you never go at cutting that straight .I knew I see an account of my hand so watch it and cut it really close won't fold up and get out of the way as you're trying to cut .

And so you need to cut it through a rough cap to start with come back .

I'm using because there's nothing like shorty with tin snips and this curls good edge .Then you'll end up with a straight edge like that right on your scribes line .

I've just used a straight edge and I'm screw up the line along the steel and again to get it straight can even be hard .I use a level you got to see sitting over there because you can actually sit there in the corrugations and that'll give you a beautiful straight edge .

Which you can then scroll off so there you go that's the secret of how to cut steel straight you cut it once with a blade .I've also got a circular saw here you can probably have a go at cutting a straight with a circular saw the longer.

The blade is the bigger the width the more chance you've got of going straight .But with little cutoff blade it's almost impossible.

This is going up on doors , so it needs to be a nice straight edge and that can only be achieved with the tin snips .So there you go cut twice get yourself a perfect line cutting the bottom off a different method .

I've described it right across this is easy with big corrugations these are just little finger corrugations .What you do is you just drop the cutting blade on your angle grinder yeah like that just drop it vertically down on the top of these .

So you're coming right down on the scribe each time and then just get bigger and bigger and join them together .if you try and run you will trim to run off and end up with a wall .

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