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How to cut sheet metal with a circular saw

How to cut sheet metal with a circular saw : In this article I'm gonna show you "How to cut sheet metal with a circular saw " in a easy way . I've always wanted to understand how people would cut see Bella with a circular saw. 

If there's any particular way of doing it you know finally one of my neighbors came by we're doing a bunch of work on the roof .And you showed me how but first before you even think about cutting anything .

Whether it's wood or metal you got to think about safety support .I just I've had a couple instances where I've gotten stuff in the eye and and go to the emergency room .

How to cut sheet metal with a circular saw

Another thing especially with sheet metal you gotta have gloves .I think you get closer to the camera here cause messing with sheet metal yesterday .And as liced right through my glove I use their mechanics gloves a good brand .

But it still is enough to actually cut through it luckily my fingers safe nothing happened to it .But that's just a warning there obviously safety glasses and cutting sheet metal with a saw is going to be very loud.

So I've got a pair of earplugs in my pocket .As well that being said I'll show you what you need to do so we have our circular saw here .

This is kind of an older one , I'm not sure about the newer ones may have a little button or something somewhere we keep the blade from turning. But long story short you need to get this blade off .

This is the way I'm gonna do it I'm just gonna take a another end wrench stick it's right there .This is an older blade that's not new in fact .I saw itself is free so what you do is you flip it around .

Now the reason why you do that is because when the blade comes around first of all it won't absolutely destroy the blade .You know preferably you would use another blade like this .

Because you know it will can I help the dull in the blade but when it goes around it spins like this and it actually pushes .The metal out instead of like this where it just takes and chunk it and you know. 

I just have just nasty shards every where so you do that then you cut the sheet metal like you would any piece of plywood or anything like that down .

And we'll do some cutting yeah that was freaking loud even with your earplugs in there we go .If you liked this article and want to follow us along on our journey .


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