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How Much Does An Asphalt Roof Replacement Cost

How Much Does An Asphalt Roof Replacement Cost : hey guys we're gonna tell you how much a roof replacement costs specifically an asphalt roof replacement which is what 99% of homes have I'm Andrew from whisk and let's talk about roofs so you want a new roof and you're wondering how much it costs well the answer is it really depends but we know you want a number so by the time we get through this you should have a good idea of an actual dollar cost amount that your new roof will be so a number of factors can affect the cost of your new roof 

these factors can include the condition of your current roof the size of your roof the type of your roof the materials and of roofing systems as well as ultimately the contractor you use now in terms of assessing the condition of your current roof there are a couple ways to do it we can walk around the roof and visually inspect it we can go to the attic and look up to the underside of the roof deck to see what the 

boards look like and ultimately we can actually get up on top of the roof to walk around let's see if there are any wet or soft spots on the roof where there might be mold or damage next let's talk about the size of the roof now the size of a roof is a really important factor for cost if you think about it bigger roof more materials more labor more time higher cost now contractors use the term squares a square is 

contractors speak for 100 square feet of shingles and that is ultimately how they determine the material costs for your roof now similar to size the complexity of your roof will also have an impact on the ultimate cost of your roof replacement a steeper roof is going to be harder and more challenging for 

How Much Does An Asphalt Roof Replacement Cost

labor to replace the roof and so it will be more expensive than a roof that isn't as steep now in addition to steepness a number of other considerations for the complexity of your roof that will affect cost include things like number of valleys number of hips ease of access to the roof chimneys and flashing 

which is how water is directed away from your roof next let's talk about the type of shingle because the type of shingle you ultimately use for your new roof will impact the cost there are three main types the first is your traditional three tab shingle these aren't used is commonly anymore and they're fairly basic and on the cheaper side next up you have architectural shingles these are the most popular and common and provide the best value finally you have jingles which are significantly more expensive than both three tap and architectural but they do provide some additional protection from things such as hail 

because they usually will be thicker next let's talk about the roof system the roof system is another important factor when you think about the cost of your roof replacement the roofing system is basically what goes underneath the shingles and it can help things such as insulation and ventilation of your roof and prevent things like water damage and mold next let's talk about something that's going to have a big 

impact on the cost of your roof replacement and that is your choice of contractor now there are tons of contractors to choose between ranging from the super small guys operating out of a little truck to the huge guys that have a big facility with over a hundred people so when you do choose a contractor that fits your job the best and that you like you want to make sure that they are at least licensed and insured certified by the manufacturer and highly reviewed and trustworthy when you choose a contractor we 

recommend you avoid the high-pressure sales tactics of an in-home consultation where they won't leave until you sign for the project instead we recommend you choose someone that you're comfortable with who will treat you with respect in your home with care and who's prompt on all the services they deliver to you and so finally that brings us to what you all want to know how much does it really cost now we've done tons of roof replacements in the area ranging from as low as 6500 all the way up to 

$100,000 for a complicated huge roof on a big home so to keep things simple and be totally transparent with you we can tell you that in the Northern Virginia area our average roof replacement cost for homes here is around $15,000 now we provide that number to you just as an example but remember there are 

tons of different roofs on different homes and lots of different options you can choose between so there's a huge variety of cost this is just to give you one data point so you can think about what the average roof replacement can cost now in terms of pricing out and roof replacements for different homes let's take it a step further on the screen we're going to show you different homes we've done one was in Brook 

Virginia one was a large home in McLean Virginia and then we also have a smaller townhome and you can see that the cost for these different roofs are completely different and so there you have it we've given you some real-world numbers on what it actually costs to replace your roof on a number of different homes so again I'm enter from whistle and feel free to reach out to us anytime we'll catch you in the next one

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