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How to get insurance to pay for roof replacement

How to get insurance to pay for roof replacement : dealing with a hailstorm or other weather-related calamity is upsetting especially if you have to deal with the property damage and file an insurance claim for a roof replacement if you need help getting through it all then this video is for you let's take a look at the steps you need to assess damage file a claim and get a replacement roof assess the aftermath if you 

suspect your roof is damaged the first thing you should do is survey the aftermath but don't climb on the roof especially after a storm allow a qualified roof replacement contractor to inspect the top of your home the Roofing Contractor will walk your roof assess the situation and advise you if there is likely 

enough damage to reasonably justify an insurance claim document the damage before you file an insurance claim take pictures of anything that's damaged both inside and outside your home also pull out any photos that show what your property looked like before the storm your roofer will help you 

photograph and document any section of your roof that's potentially compromised they will also give you a written estimate with photos detailing the damage that you can use when you file your roof repair insurance claim before you file a roof claim make sure you have a written explanation of what needs to 

be repaired and the estimated cost contact your insurance company if you suspect you need a roof replacement following a storm the first person you should call is your insurance agent if you wait too

How to get insurance to pay for roof replacement

long there's always a chance you won't be able to submit the claim if your roof is over 10 years old it's possible that your insurance company will only cover a portion of your roof replacement insurance claim the insurance company will inspect the damage and come up with a dollar amount based on the 

depreciated value of your roof when you submit your roof replacement claim an insurance adjuster will inspect the damaged areas and determine the payout choosing a Roofing Contractor keep in mind that some insurance claims for roofs are initially denied and some are paid out on a depreciated roof value 

you'll also have to pay any deductibles before the insurer will cover anything if your roof is eligible for a replacement you'll get the funds directly from the insurance company for a roof replacement be ready

 to select a reputable roof repair contractor an insurance savvy Roofing Contractor will be able to offer tips for filing and help you gather the right documentation here are some tips you can follow when 

hiring a roof replacement contractor check for local references make sure they're insured and get several estimates beware of fine print when a roofing repair contractor offers a deal that's too good to be true that's usually a red flag what these shady contractors will do is give you a bogus inspection report that's 

actually a contingency contract most roofing contractors will offer tips about how to get your insurance company to pay for a new roof they will also provide a free roof inspection and estimate but read the fine print and don't sign anything until you do then as you're reading watch out for things like you 

having to pay 20% if the contract is cancelled within three days or that your insurance payout has to go directly to the roofing company if your roof was recently damaged by a weather-related calamity and 

you suspect you might need a roof replacement call our inspection team we'll inspect your roof at no charge document the findings and give you a free estimate to start your roof insurance claim visit our site .How to get insurance to pay for roof replacement


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