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Is a metal roof cheaper than shingles

 Is a metal roof cheaper than shingles : you're building a remodeling your dream house and you're trying to decide which type of roof do I want you've narrowed it down to two choices you have an asphalt roof which cost quite a bit less than is easy to install or you have a metal roof which will last a lot longer but it's quite a bit more money our goal of this video is for you to decide is a metal roof worth it in this video we're going to find out [Music] [Applause] [Music] it is the metal roofing Learning 

Channel brought to you by western states metal roofing where you can save fifteen to fifty percent on your materials by buying factory direct visit western states metal roofing com so I think you need to ask yourself these questions to determine if a metal roof is worth it how long do I plan on living at my house what's my budget do I care about initial savings or long-term savings so what I'd like to do is I'd like to 

give you some real-world examples and what we're gonna do is we're gonna take a twenty five hundred square foot house and we're gonna look at the average lifespan and the average cost of both asphalt shingles and standing seam so for standing seam if you have a 2500 square foot house and it costs you eleven dollars per square foot that equals twenty-seven thousand five hundred dollars you'll have an 

average lifespan of 50 years which breaks down to five hundred fifty dollars per year your cost after 50 years is twenty-seven thousand five hundred you'll only need one roof within those fifty years on the 

Is a metal roof cheaper than shingles

other hand if you had a quality asphalt shingle roof a 2,500 square foot house at six dollars a square foot would be fifteen thousand dollars the lifespan over 15 years works out two thousand dollars a year your cost before fifteen years is fifteen thousand dollars here's where it gets interesting it's the cost after fifteen years and fifteen years is the point at which you've installed one roof and now you need to 

replace it with your second roof so what you have is fifteen thousand plus fifteen thousand and now you have a thirty thousand dollar cost and then as the roof gets older once you get to thirty years forty five years it's fifteen thousand dollars in every 15 year increment okay so one thing we don't know for sure is how much is a new roof got cost in the future it's no way of knowing what we do know is that an asphalt shingle roof seems to double about every 15 years so the cost after 15 years is the cost of your initial 

roof plus your second roof the initial roof is going to cost you 15,000 but the replacement roof has now doubled and it is a thirty thousand dollar cost meaning that the two roofs combined will cost you forty five thousand dollars the cost after thirty years would be the cost of three roofs the cost after forty five years is for roofs fifteen thousand plus thirty thousand plus sixty thousand plus a hundred and twenty thousand equals a price of two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars now can I tell you for certain 

that the cost of an asphalt roof will be double in 15 years no I cannot what I can tell you for certain is that in 15 years in asphalt shingle roof will cost a lot more than it cost today and these are just examples so that you can look at the elevated replacement cost and determine which is a benefit for you in 

addition of the replacement cost there are a lot of other factors where you can save money on a metal roof you're gonna have lower electricity bills now there's very high likelihood your insurance premium will be less and you're gonna have less maintenance on your roof a metal roof is more energy efficient 

which to you means less heating bills and less electricity bills now when you look online there are all kinds of numbers thrown around out there anywhere from 25% to 40% quite frankly I don't know if 

those numbers are true I'm not an expert in energy efficiency what I can do is cite a study by the Green Building Alliance which shows a savings of 7% to 15% in energy efficiency if your energy bill is $175 per month and you save 15% that works out to four thousand seven hundred twenty five dollars over 15 years and nine thousand four hundred and fifty dollars over 30 years insurance savings is another way 

that you can save on a metal roof now I looked around to try to find a study where I can give you some hard numbers and unfortunately there is such a study so the next thing I did was call my insurance broker which is State Farm and what they told me is yes there is an absolute discount for a metal roof but it's dependent upon your location so yes this is a real savings but it depends on a lot of factors so what I would say is call your insurance broker and get a quote for your house with a metal roof versus 

an asphalt roof and then you can see for yourself how much the savings will be so here's how it breaks down if you plan on living in your house for less than 15 years you'll never recoup the higher upfront cost of metal and an asphalt roof would be a better investment so if you plan on sticking around in your house for 15 years or longer a metal roof is actually way cheaper in the long run it's gonna give you more curb appeal it's going to increase the resale value of your house


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