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The History Of Stone Coated Shingles

 Hi guys today we are going to be talking about the history of stone coated steel roofs .This is a topic that is absolutely so interesting . Because i love world war ii , so vince is going to go in and tell us all about the history of this amazing product .

There's this technology now a lot of people think it's new, it's basically stone coated steel . What this does is? It gives you a nice finish on metal roofing. Most metal roofing you know it's the paint that doesn't if you want to go back in history copper zinc lead .

Those are natural patinas that they have so they never age painted metal ages. No matter what kind of painted metal you get will fade with time .It's also doesn't look very natural .It looks more commercial even though .

Now we've come up with profiles where painted metal can look natural .It doesn't look more natural than this no. So the history of this thing how it came about first of all this is the profile .It was dekhra in new zealand that invented this actually was a guy called lou fisher .

He was a new zealander who fought in world war ii .He fought for the british and his job in world war ii was like a lot of canadians ,new zealanders australians .All went to britain and helped his job was when the blitzkriegs were happening to camouflage .

The hangers where the planes were and normally these hangers. These quants and huts are usually made up of uh galvanized steel .Like what you see on the back here very shiny you know and bomb over here.

It's a perfect .You would see them in the middle of the night you just see the shining hangers and everything .So this guy's job lou fisher was to camouflage it and what they do to camouflage .It they use bitumen pitch asphalt like the tar stuff .

The History Of Stone Coated Shingles

And they slapped it on all on all the hangers and put some leaves and branches in there .So that camouflage not knowing what product they were about to stumble on exactly .They were just doing it to protect themselves to stay calm and carry .

15 years after the war this guy lou fisher went back ,now maybe on remembrance day .I don't know when but he went back to england and he checked out you know where he fought and to get memories and everything.

Then he realized wait a second all the hangers that he put a coating on which was an asphalt in bitumen were in mint condition. So he stumbled upon this .Yeah this wasn't that he went back to check it out. 

Purposefully no he went to reminisce okay and then he sees this thing .And he goes wow i got something here yeah because back then a galvanized steel would .If you would breathe on it it would rust you know like a little scratch on it immediately rust .

So this was a great way of making metal last forever and stopping the oxidization process right .The oxidization which is the resting exactly .So when he went back to new zealand he goes wait a secondwe've got something here and he started selling just a spray .

Which had to be done on site okay and the buildings looked drab .They didn't look nice you know and he goes wait a second what if i do something with a nice profile . You had basically this profile right here i mean the reverse of this and he just sprayed asphalt on it .

He says i'm going to sell a whole bunch of this stuff yeah .So you had this beautiful panel with this coating on itstacked them up put them on pallets put them outside ready to ship .Then when the sun would beat on it .

You would go to lift them up and he couldn't they would all stick together .They started sprinkling sand they said wait a second if we just sprinkle sand on it .Then they won't stick then with time they said wait a sec .

What if we use colored sand at the time .They were using granite granite chips so you had green and blacks and brown and that's where stone coated came out .It took off accidentally .It was an accidental thing and it took off people started loving it in australia and new zealand .

It was on every roof still today these types of roofs are like what we see as asphalt shingles here .That's what you see there seven eighty percent of the roofs are storm-coated now .But there was a problem in the first 10 years .

They started with a lot of success so much .They had a competitor called gerard, so you had decora and gerard yeah competing in this market but 10 years later the asphalt started drying out the same problem.

We have today with asphalt it dries out the stone granules come out didn't damage the metal .But it didn't look nice right .So decorate built up this great success 10 years boom it hits tv one of those consumer protection programs .

Where it was called fair go i think and luckily dekra was strong enough to come back from it . They did is they scoured they had licensees all over the world .And they found one guy in south africa that wasn't using asphalt for some reason .

They didn't have asphalt. Maybe they weren't refining petroleum right in south africa .They were using acrylic acrylic paint okay a very thick acrylic paint .They would embed the stone chip on and then they would put an acrylic paint on top .

So the new zealanders go wait a second we can do that but instead of putting a second coat of paint .We'll put a clear acrylic on top to maintain so then decora came back gerard was attacking decorah. Because they didn't have any bad roofs because they hadn't been around for 10 years.

 They were the super roof of course anyway long story short .Now decora owns gerard all over the world except for north america .What's important is that any metal roof is better than asphalt shingles when asphalt shingles first came out they would last 40 even 50 years and it was hard for metal to compete .


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