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What is the best material for a flat roof

 back up on the roof and i think i have an idea of what i want to do so let's take a look around so as you can see i have most of the roof torn off this is what it's called when you take the roof material off it's called tor tear off or torn off i tore off the roof so it's torn off and this what you see underneath this right here this is the substrate this right here this material that's the plywood that is underneath all roofs this particular roof has got what's called a radiant barrier plywood on the other side of this plywood that you can't see there is a shiny metal reflective surface supply to it and i think it's some sort of a tin foil or foil surface so this is this was replaced already the last time i did the roof and we're going to leave it so the next thing is to decide on what material i want to make the roof of next okay so taking into consideration the problems that i had with the roof in the past like this spot right here that is a spot where water got through and damaged the roof now i don't see any other areas like that and i do know there was a slight kind of ponding issue that was happening right here in this area so what i am going to do is cut a cricket into this roof which is kind of like a little small pitch that will allow the water to drain off to the sides and hopefully that this will not happen again so you can see on these flashing or these

What is the best material for a flat roof

 pipes coming up that damn this fly that uh i left the flashing on now the flashing is going to uh come off when we do the new torch down and that brings me to what is the best type of roofing for a flat roof now i did spend a lot of time on the roof trying to decide exactly what i wanted to do with the choice of materials so i did my research and realized that the best type of flat roof was the same roof that i had on here originally and that was the two-ply torch down roof the tpo is too thin it can get damaged by nails and walking and the epdm rubber roof is also thin and prone to damage so we're back to doing the good old torch down roof all right so my ocd kicked in while i was up here and i thought i was gonna wash the solar panels i use hunger professional easy glass cleaner this is what i used to wash the windows with as well my under windows thing a couple of towels whatever and i just you know it's washed down like so now get a lot off of that stuff  all right i'm all done and that's how dirty they were if i could explain to you how it smells it's like the ymca swimming pool but like the ymca swimming pool bathrooms kind of a smell it's not great right here in this general area we will have a packaged heating and ac unit packaged meaning both the the fau and the condenser are in one unit so it's not split apart and that system will sit right here and we'll have rigid exposed ducking ducting ducting on this roof that rigid exposed ducting is not the greatest thing to look at but we don't have any space between the roof and the ceiling inside to run vent pipes so we're stuck with it so under here is gonna be a little bit of an issue because it's tight in order to get torched down you have to use flame and flame in tight areas does not always work great you can see under here how it's all kind of blackened and that's from torch down different people in different times putting torch down down now we have to reflash underneath there roll the torch down heat it and it's going to be a little bit difficult but i guess that's the price to pay for this kind of interesting detail having this second roof pitch on the house i don't necessarily think it's functional but it's pretty i did do another video where right here in this very spot i took some henries and i patched the roof that's another video you can see about roof patching and it held up there is no leaks in this quadrant where i did the patch the only leak i have was from a previous incident on the roof now i'm going to put the camera down and you can see kind of the roof has some waves to it and that's the one thing i have to fix before i put the new roof down so i get a lot of questions about components on the 

roof and i'm gonna go through the components on the roof as quickly as i possibly can so get your pen and paper out first you have this this is your substrate this is your plywood it goes down it needs to be radiant barrier per code then you have this right here is your drip edge this is your metal coming off the edge here and it has to be on every roof even the tpo has a flashing on the edge fascia this is a fascia board this one's got a slant to it merely aesthetic doesn't do anything special but that's your fascia board and that attaches to the ends of your rafters so your rafters stick out and the fascia board goes on that here again you can see perfect example this is our metal edge right here and this is our torch down material this torch down here is a single ply torch down but it's this particular roof has got a pitch going down that way so it does not leak then you have roof jacks these are your roof jacks flashing vent pipes conduit that's about it on a roof there's not much more to it so when you hear people talking about aspects to the to a flat roof now pitch roof there is many other parts to a pitch roof you have gables and valleys and hips and ridges and all that stuff but that's pretty much it on a flat roof not a lot of materials but they're all really important to keep the inside dry all right now that i've taken you up here and showing you a bunch of stuff uh real quick price i've gotten prices all the way ranging from six thousand dollars to twelve thousand dollars tpo shouldn't cost more than five bucks a square foot this is a thousand square foot i think twelve grand is too much that was for tpo um the epdm rubber was a little cheaper i got a quote for s i think was seven or eight thousand dollars and then actually the better and more expensive and more laborious material the torchdown two ply came in at five thousand dollars this is a thousand square feet of space so there's my logical answer it's gotta be the torch down two ply and i think i'll be happy with it for as long as it doesn't leak into my kitchen which is what it's done the past three times so with that note thanks for watching and join us again in the future yeah quick side note on these ladders uh they kind of suck they're handy but you get your fingers pinched in them all the time and they're really heavy when they're folded the strong that whatever 300 pounder ones are an the regular old ladder the you know extension ladder is better lighter in the end it's easier so if you're gonna go and buy one of these just go buy a regular ladder and i don't know why i have this i just slept over something from something so anyway side note

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